Joel & Justyna Bedford are thoughtful observers; ones who watch time unfold and who are keen to capture the visual spectrum of the human experience.  The spectrum encompasses love, beauty, sadness, joy, excitement, pensiveness, wild-abandon; a whirlwind of magnified emotion that make up your wedding day. The unions we document share one common thread: to make the most joyous, memorable day of all.  We know that this is important and that these photos will possibly be your most cherished possession and beautiful memory.



      Unique. Romantic. Wild. Thoughtful. Passionate. Joyous. Loving.

      We have had the esteemed privilege of working and evolving creatively with over 200 couples in our career.   The lovers who seek us out are wild for one another with an insatiable zest for life.  They have surrounded themselves with art and adventure and invited us in for a brief few moments to capture the beginning of their legacy.  They are fearless, unique, romantic, sentimental and most of all, thrilled to celebrate in their own way.  We adore them, are thankful for them, and constantly inspired by those beautiful souls who see the same in us.