Wander The Resort Wedding

Any time we get to visit Prince Edward County (PEC), a beautifully flat, fertile, and spacious 1000 sq km (about 400 sq miles for our imperial-leaning friends) chunk of land on the breezy shores of Lake Ontario, we’re pleased as punch. With so many places to point a camera, it’s easy pickings for a photographer down in PEC; plenty of vast vistas, beautiful beaches, and wonderful wedding venues – it’s like, take your pick, really. So it’s when we were asked by a super slick Montreal couple to shoot their Wander the Resort wedding planned by the prolific Blush and Bowties on a brooding mid-autumn afternoon, we just knew that it was gonna be……special.

From the moment we arrived, we instantly knew that this wedding was about to be turned up to 11. Maybe it was something on the windy gusts rolling over the lake, or maybe it had something to do with the discussion of how many shots would need to be distributed to guests immediately before the ceremony (the answer was, “all of them”. “all the shots”). Whether it was the dancing juice or just the good vibes rolling in off the lake (I’ll stop with the wind references), it was clear that these people loved a celebration and were about to own this one on a whole other level.

Karine and Chuck, the stars of the show, had stars in their eyes as the day unfolded in wild abandonment, embracing each other and the milestone with love in their hearts and the presence of body and mind. For us it was a gift, being asked to photograph these lovely people and their Wander the Resort wedding, too. If you’ve read this far, then you’ll probably be looking for some photos to illustrate these words (you’re not here for the writing, we hope!), so join us as we guide you through one of our most fun days to photograph of 2021!

Bisous et Santé!

Joel & Justyna

This wedding was photographed by Joel & Justyna on film and digital (Fuji, Contax 645 & PhaseOne)

PHOTOGRAPHY Joel & Justyna PLANNING & DESIGN Blush & Bowties VENUE Wander The Resort GOWN Savannah Miller via Dress Scoop Bridal FLORALS Floralora Flowers TABLETOP DECOR Table Tales Inc.