Tom and Jasmine’s Tuscan Wedding

So as you may have noticed from my earlier blog post, I was in Italy in May with my fiancee Justyna…Our main reason for traveling, beyond a much needed vacation, was to attend (as guests) our friends’ Tom & Jasmine’s wedding.

After we received the invitation late last summer, Justyna and I spent many a conversation talking about what we thought it would be like – Whether it was really going to be in an “old castle” – old castle or if ” old castle” (as opposed to ‘new’ castle – not the beer of the same name) was how all Tuscan villas were described. Well, as it turned out “castle” meant “castle” and “old” meant “ooooold”. Like 1000 years old (this age in itself blew my mind because having grown up in Ottawa, ‘old’ usually means 1910’s – any older, is un-imaginable).

After a major wardrobe malfunction and many 4-letter words, Justyna and I dashed for the shuttle bus which was to take us and half of the guests from Florence to the “old castle”. After 40 minutes of some of the windy’est, narrow roads (I really don’t know how the bus-driver didn’t smoke some moped coming the other way), we arrived. I think we must have looked like we just wandered out from under a rock – our eyes bulging and jaws gaping. This place was spectacular! (Please see the photos to see what I mean). A harp player. Fancy cocktails served by people in white gloves. Citrus Trees and Rose Gardens. Flaming pans of liquid gold (sort of). I asked around if anyone else felt like Wayne and Garth when they meet Alice Cooper – Everyone said they did (those under 20, unfortunately, didn’t get the reference – and probably thought I was weird).

The ceremony was lovely, Jasmine and Tom looked like something out of ‘Best Looking Bride & Groom Ever Magazine” and (I kid not) the clouds even parted at the moment they recited their vows and kissed to hushed ‘ooohs’ and ‘aaaahs’ by the guests. The charismatic officiant even looked rather teary-eyed through it all.

I’ll be honest that the reception was a tad hazy, but I was a guest this time and fully took advantage of that fact, hitting the dancefloor with my lady, putting the camera down from time-to-time, and just enjoying the company and surroundings. After all, I have no idea when any of us would have the opportunity to be in a place like this again – let alone, actually be invited.

A big, big Thank You to T&J and their family for everything. A spectacular once-in-a-lifetime affair we won’t soon forget and we look forward to seeing the official photos of the spectacular day shot by Ottawa photographer Anne-Marie Bouchard of AMB Photo.





  • Bruce Craig (father of the Bride) said:

    Congrats Joel & Justina! Best wishes for your wedding. The photos are great Joel. Thank you, Bruce

  • Picts look lovely! Just returned from Venice myself and had a similarly "wow" palazzo experience.

  • Vinh Tieu said:

    what beautiful captured moments. It was a surprise to see Ann-Marie in there too! She was our wedding photog!

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