The Value of Photo Albums

Seeing photos on your computer screen is all well and good, but there’s something very different about actually holding your photos in an album. They become more meaningful somehow, and instantly become something to be cherished (I don’t know how many people who have the same affinity for a DVD of photos, do you?). Think about the last time you stumbled upon your old family photo album, or your grandparents wedding album. If you’re anything like me, it turned into about 20 minutes of time-out, earth-stands-still reminiscence.

We love digital images, and photo books more-so, but it’s the albums that become the heirlooms; the final culmination of all the captured moments, bound together into a beautiful keepsake to be passed through generations. The only little problem we have with these old treasures is the quality of the materials themselves – fading paper / prints, disintegrating binding, and all the other reasons those albums are now confined within a giant Ziplock bag.

Let me show you what we’ve chosen as our albums (through AsukaBook) for our clients (see the video). Our books are on fade-resistant paper (no fading for at least 100 years), highest quality inks, flush mount pages (meaning when you turn the page, they lie flat), customized color, embossed text (our company name is for example only – our clients get their name / date on the cover), solid, fully wrap-printed, velvet-lined album box.

After all, gathering around the computer screen with your spouse, children, and grandchildren, just won’t have that same appeal.

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