Joel and I are so grateful for this year, it is pretty hard to express in words.  Both professionally and personally, the last 365 days have really been a dream.  We often wake up and think ‘If someone told me 2 years ago that we would be….” – we can’t believe where we are right now could have been a possibility.  It wasn’t so long ago that Joel and I, just friends at this point, we’re sitting around coffee shops, ‘between jobs’, daydreaming and planning, thinking of our futures. The winds of change stormed our gates and we found ourselves after years of friendship together, starting a business, finding day jobs, quitting day jobs for dream business, getting engaged, travelling around like a couple of Rory Calhouns.


      All of this seems so unlikely, there are times I have to pinch myself, just to make sure this whole thing isn’t a fabrication in my head.   This is our reality.

      We really can’t thank our friends, family and clients enough either.  Friends and family who stood by us while we hatched these nutty schemes and got together to start our lives as a couple.  Clients who took a chance on us and trusted us with the most important day of their lives.  We, in fact, would not be here without you.  We’d probably still be bumming around coffee shops.  So thank you.  For getting us out of coffee shops.  And making our dreams come true this year.

      Happy 2014, dear friends.  We wish you all the best.

      Justyna & Joel

      joel bedford photography-0001


      Cool message and lovent pic . Happy 2014

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