Stonefields Wedding Photographer

November in Ottawa is truly one of the most under-rated months for weddings. We’ve said it before – but the weather (despite the cold) and colours in the sky are quite awe-inspiring. The blues are cool and creamy, while the greens have this delicious dewy glaze over them. When Christine and Ryan emailed us to be their Stonefields wedding photographer in the month of November, we knew the celebration would not disappoint. It was cold and rainy, but the wedding was blessed with the most epic golden hour. Just as the ceremony began, Christine walked down the aisle to “Here Comes the Sun” – and the rain clouds parted, as the sun escorted her down the path.

The wedding was so impeccably planned and designed, we were pleasantly surprised to hear all the elements were of Christine and her mother’s design. The reception was a testament to their taste – refined, elegant with a slight touch of whimsy. Stonefields is one of the most elegant venues in the Ottawa area. We love photographing weddings here because of the vast variety of backdrops for portraits, family photos, and it seems we are always treated to the most cinematic light.

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