We are so absolutely thrilled to announce, that one of our images took home the Grand Prize at Rangefinder Magazine’s annual Wedding Photography Contest.   We’re also really humbled to say that this is our second time winning the Rangefinder Magazine awards – we were honoured in 2016 as one of Rangefinder Magazine’s 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography.

      Rangefinder Magazine Awards - Joel and Justyna Bedford

      Justyna photographed this moment mere seconds before our bride, her flower girl and maid of honour walked down the aisle.  The alcove just outside the ceremony area was buzzing with helpers getting everyone into place.  You could feel the excitement in the air.  Even though Wei and Wanting had already seen each other that day at their first look, there’s a different sort of anticipation just before she walked down the aisle.

      The maid of honour was getting everyone together when Justyna noticed how gently the flower girl tucked herself in between her mother and aunt.  She quickly snapped the photo with a touch of motion blur (our favourite setting), and in a flash, the moment had passed.  We’re frequently asked about our use of motion blur and slower shutter speeds.  Our philosophy is that memories in your mind are rarely tack-sharp.  They’re fluid, they change over time, and there’s a certain romance to that.  We try and photograph a few key moments with that in mind – motion blur can add a bit of mystery, a sense of feeling and romance and because the photo isn’t as ‘objective’, it allows (we think) our viewer find something new within as the years go by.  Thank you again for all your support, dear friends and family. We’re so pleased to add more Rangefinder Magazine awards to our book.

      For those curious, this was photographed with a Canon MK III, 50mm lens at 1/25, f4, ISO 200.

      To see Wei and Wanting’s full day, check out their Montebello wedding here.



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