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Portugal Elopement Photographer

Joel and I are so excited to announce we will be travelling throughout Europe in early 2017, and using Lisbon, Portugal as our home-base from January until April.  Joel’s father has been wintering in Portugal for a number of years, and after years of poring over his beautiful travel photos, we simply have to go and experience a season in Lisbon ourselves.  We will be travelling fairly extensively throughout Europe while we’re there, stopping in England, Spain, Italy, Denmark, France and Switzerland.  We’re hoping to photograph a few couples during our stay – if you’re planning on eloping, having an engagement photo session, or are hosting a destination wedding, please do get in touch.  If you’re a photographer, planner or stylist (or any creative in the industry) and just want to hang, drop us a line.  We’re always stoked to make new friends abroad (especially over some local wine and nibblies).

For more information on our travel plans, or if you have some recommendations of places to see or things to do, please contact us HERE.


As we’ve been daydreaming and planning our trip, we’ve been simultaneously researching beautiful venues in the area.  When we visited Spain (Madrid and Seville) a few years ago, we were struck by so much wedding planning inspiration for smaller elopements and events as we just don’t get very many of those back home in Ottawa.  Every restaurant and cafe we passed in Madrid had so much character, incredible food and seemed to be waiting for the right bohemian / creative couple to turn it into their dream-day-venue.  From Joel’s fathers stories, photos and recommendations, there are a few places to check out if you’re considering a destination wedding and elopement in Portugal. Some of them are listed below:

Quinta de Sao Pedro Located in the beautiful south of Portugal, this incredible hacienda is perfect for couples in love with the sea.  Fresh seafood, swimming with dolphins or sharks (maybe not) and a stunning rustic experience is what you can expect from this gorgeous venue.

Aldeia da Mata Pequena If a smaller, rural village is more your speed, do check out this gorgeous locale, a 3o minute drive from Lisbon.  It’s slightly secluded but so close to everything you may need.  A wedding under the stars, accented with hanging glowy lights is just such an oh-so-romantic idea.

Senhora da Guia A luxury hotel overlooking the ocean from a cliff.  A setting rarely becomes more picturesque than this.

These are just three favourites we came across in our research and by chatting with family.  For more information on weddings in Portugal, take a look at The Destination Blog out of Portugal – chock-a-block full of great resources.

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