Ver and Erik had a wonderful celebration planned for this week in Spain – an amazing getaway experience for their friends and family while soaking up the sun and amazing food in Toledo. Alas, like so many other couples, the universe had other plans.

      While their plans are on hold until next year, we took them out to one of our favourite little paths just south of Ottawa. We’ve always said that engagement sessions are so much different from a wedding day – its barely the same ballpark. On wedding days, emotions are running high, if we’re photographing you, you’re not “doing” anything for the camera, and each portrait session is quite short – your wedding is not a photoshoot. Engagements, on the other hand, most certainly are photoshoots. There’s nowhere to hide, really – and it can hard to forget there’s a camera there. Because of the luxury of time, though, we can get a little more cinematic, a little closer, and a little further, we can create a narrative where there isn’t one. We can play director. We love the results from this little sunset walk in Ottawa, and hope these photos ripen beautifully over the next few decades for Ver and Erik. Engagement sessions may seem a bit inconsequential in real time – you throw a photo on Instagram and forget about it, and all of a sudden, it’s your 10 year anniversary, and they become a lovely little reminder of a glorious sunset on a hot August night, when you had the entire trail all to yourselves…


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