Well, that was a lovely way to wake up.  When we started photography together five(ish) years ago, one of our collective goals was to be featured on the Junebug Best of the Best contest. For those that don’t follow wedding photography as obsessively as we do, allow us to explain.  Each season, the editors behind Junebug Weddings, along with a few guest judges look through over five thousand submitted images and compile a short-list which dubs, from their honed-eyes, the top-fifty images of the year (for this industry). For the Junebug Best of the Best Engagement Contest 2017, the judges were Ben Sasso, Jennifer Moher and Petar Jurica.  After a few years of trepidatiously submitting our photos, one of our images finally made the cut. We achieved our goal, and it felt darn good.  At the end of the day, we’re always going to photograph for our clients first, ourselves second, and publications third.  An accolade isn’t going to change our methods or approach – that to say, just because we won an award using a particular technique or style won’t mean that we’ll always cater to this style in hopes of winning more awards – but a pat on the back from industry leaders every now and then is, of course, wonderful news to receive.

      Moreover, we’re thrilled and humbled to be included with the other incredibly inspirational photographers who also made this list.  We’re extra pleased that it was one of our slow-shutter-speed motion blur shots was included (a bit of an anomaly amongst the vast majority of tack-sharp images).  We enjoy using this technique because it helps illustrate actual movement rather than what a faster shutter speed could imply (a held-pose for example).  It’s spontaneous, requires some trial-and-error, and nearly impossible to replicate. We like to think it captures fleeting moments and romance – an impression instead of a sharp replication….

      Have a look through the entire winners gallery here.

      scarborough bluffs engagement session at sunset

      OH! And one of our favourite photos from Tanya + Bernard’s engagement session, also received an honourable mention 🙂


      Congratulations, well deserved.

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