It has all been said

We asked a few people on our Insta if they were the same person they were a year ago, and if the change (or non-change) was a good thing. An overwhelming amount of humans answered “yes” to both.

We’ve personally experienced every emotion under the sun, some lows overstaying their welcome, and some highs so beautiful the only way to describe them is through tear-soaked smiles. When we think about what we’ve all gone through this year, the only way to have it make sense is to think of ourselves as butterflies. We’ve been in the larva stage for so long, we didn’t know how badly all of us needed to cocoon – to stop, to literally do nothing, to be locked into our chrysalis shells, so we can come out as the radiant butterflies we are. Cliche? Maybe. But we can’t deny that we’ve changed too. The purpose of the larva (or caterpillar) is to eat and eat and eat – or consume, consume, consume. In its Pupa stage, it may seem like nothing but is happening at all – but big changes are happening unseen to the outside world. Once the caterpillar becomes a butterfly, the two seem like completely different species. From consumptions comes creation: it’s the job of the butterfly to mate and lay eggs. That is a metaphor we can get behind – and we don’t necessarily mean motherhood; as butterflies, instead of consuming, we bring creation – of art, of love, of joy, of protest and resistance – into the world.

It may seem like nothing happened this year – but locked away in our homes, everything happened and it’s going to change our reality (for the better).