We approach weddings with a cinematic view in mind.  No two are alike, and thus we don’t use templates, posing guides, and avoid at all costs, putting our couples into cookie-cutter situations.  You won’t hear us asking you to pretend to laugh, or whisper “secrets” in your partners ears.  We won’t ask you to hug your bridesmaids, “almost kiss” your partner, or stand in a line and “cheers” your champagne glasses.  Your story is more than a series of moments copied from pinboards or checked off a list. We like to think each wedding we photograph looks a little different, because each couple, each story, each day is a bit different. 

      Our best work happens when we “click” with our couples.  We’re not a “vendor”. We’re unobtrusive, but we’re there.  Like a long lost friend from another life.  A friendly, calm presence you’re happy to share a few moments with.  The connection we feel towards our couples (and them towards us) is so key for the type of work we do – and it comes as no surprise that our real-life friend group grows each year with new couples who have invited us into their lives.

      Our biggest priority on your wedding day is to ensure that what you’re feeling in those moments will be delivered in the photos you’ll receive.  This isn’t about our portfolio, this is about how the beginning of your legacy will live on, and be told for generations to come.

      To ensure we give each of our clients the attention they deserve, we limit our bookings to a few each month.  We don’t want to show up to your wedding burned out, exhausted, forgetting names, having locations blend together and thus relying on “standard” poses, obvious angles, and cliche.  A wedding day is so much more than a few “good shots” of couples backlit by the sun. You deserve better.  

      If you like what you’re reading so far, send us a note with some information about yourself.  We have no tricks up our sleeves, we don’t want to “convince” you of anything you don’t already know. We simply believe in love, art, and are on the constant search for truth through our lens.       



      We’ve been really lucky to be recognized and honoured for our work in the wedding industry.  In the last few years, we’ve been named one Rangefinder Magazines 30 Rising Stars, one of “30 Most Inspiring Wedding Photographers in Canada” by Weddingbells Magazine, one of the Top 100 Photographers to Watch in 2017 by Click Media, Top 100 Wedding Photographers in the World by The School of Wedding Photography and Rangefinder Magazine’s prestigious 2018 Grand Prize Winner in Wedding Photography.


      Joel and Justyna are amazing. We were fortunate enough to have them for our engagement shoot and wedding day, and couldn't recommend them enough. They bring such great energy and vision to capture those special moments that most photogs miss. Their work speaks for itself, but we absolutely loved working with them... On the day of it was like we had two great friends to help us through the day. They are such a good team that they just make everyone relax.

      Thank you Joel and Justyna for the beautiful collection of memories, these photos are some of our most prized possessions.

      ~ Tanya + Bernard


      Joel & Justyna were an absolute pleasure to work with from start to finish. Sweet yet professional, they were a lovely addition to our wedding day. They made sure that photos did not take us away from the act of getting married and then celebrating it! Additionally, they made things as comfortable and organic as possible, especially for two people who hate having their pictures taken. None of the photos felt or looked too forced. We are thrilled with the photos from that day. They are beautiful, unique, and artful.

      ~ Sarah + Rob


      My husband and I cannot say enough great things about Joel and Justyna. They were so wonderful to work with and the photos are stunning. Joel and Justyna have a certain sense of calm that really helped Nate (my husband) and I navigate our wedding day. They captured the emotions and the romance of the evening perfectly. Booking them was easily the best decision we made!

      ~ Kayla + Nate


      Justyna & Joel,

      I can't thank you both enough for capturing our day so beautifully and the fun little shoot the next day. Every single person has asked about the photography and my aunt who thinks we spent triple on it than we did could only say WORTH IT.

      I wish there was more I could say but I'm blown away, over the moon, stupid in love with them and I know Shane is too. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

      Now excuse me while I go look at these over and over again instead of getting anything done at all!!!!

      So much love, excitement and thanks!


      Chelsea & Shane