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Photography for those madly in love


"A ROSE is more than just its PETALS . There's also COLOUR & LIFE

in the leaf, the stem, even a THORN."

- R. Mackintosh

A wedding is so much more than just safe, pretty photos.

and in order to convey this visually, we think that there's a few important things worth considering.
It can sometimes be difficult to describe our approach in words, but suffice it to say, we're "hands-off" until absolutely required. Our greatest aim in our work is to provide you with images that evoke memories you've experienced - meaning your photographs should be documents of real feelings, motions, moments without us getting in the way and fabricating things that wouldn't have otherwise happened.

Having photographed over 250 celebrations, our intuition and anticipation is a time-honed skill.

Photography for those madly in love

YOUR WEDDING is more than a series of staged moments copied from pin-boards or something to checked off a list. We like to think each story we photograph looks a little DIFFERENT, because each couple, each day is a bit DIFFERENT.

The BEST work happens when our couples “click” with us. The CONNECTION we make TOGETHER is KEY to the type of photos we do. It comes as little surprise that our outside-of-work friend circle grows each year to include many of our previous clients.

We are your eyes and ears throughout the day, so building trust with each couple is a big part of the type of imagery we focus on.

Our Vision & Philosophy

We walk a fine line, and we know it. As wedding photographers (and as a married couple too) we understand just what our roles are: to be PROFESSIONAL, but never uptight. To allow things to EVOLVE, but to also gently direct when needed. To be VISIBLE and INVISIBLE all at once. To look for moments, but to SEE what's important. But most of all, to make sure that you'll be FREE TO EXPERIENCE your beautiful wedding and to be in the moment!

(Most of the time we use cameras that are completely silent so that you can keep writing your vows uninterrupted, and we can capture those candid moments without being noticed)

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This is DEFINITELY about YOU, and DEFINITELY not about US.

In other words, we're not going to be weird, boorish, loud or make photos with only our portfolio in mind. We're intentional documentarians, we don't balk at challenges and we blend in with your guests (most guests at weddings assume we're just guests who love to photograph our friends).

We're going to make photos that will mean something for YOU not just today, but in ten, twenty, even FIFTY years on. We approach each wedding with this purpose.

To give our couples the attention they deserve, we keep a limit on how many events we can shoot per year.  It's sometimes a little hard to do, but we want to show up fresh and focused so that we can give it all we've got. We can't do that if we're burning the candle at both ends. Rested eyes = better photos.

we don't bite, and we love chatting over a glass of wine.

We have no sales trick up our sleeves, and won't try to “convince” you of anything you're not already feeling. Your wedding is going to be amazing and we're going to make sure that it remains UNFORGETTABLE.

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