Fogo Island Inn Elopement

We had the good fortune of being invited back to Fogo Island in northern Newfoundland for the second time in two years. This time, though, it was for the most sentimental Fogo Island Inn elopement that you would ever dream of – just our excited couple and the bride’s close friend (and us). That’s it, that’s all. They don’t get much smaller than this…or more intimate.

When there are no guests, no hosting responsibilities, no structured timeline, and no pressure, the true magic of an elopement begins to reveal itself in its core elements; the love between two people, their union, and the experience of living that day, ever-present for each other. There’s also something that happens to us as photographers when we’re allowed the freedom to stay in the moment, carefully observe – and even participate a little…We’re still not completely sure what the word is, but whatever it is, we can be sure that it’s a gift.

That we were able to tell the complete story Natasha & Andras’ elopement was a photographer’s dream. The added bonus of a baron, windswept Newfoundland landscape, free of the usual distraction one finds in a city left little question about who the day was truly about….and when we did cross paths with supporting cast of locals and Fogo Island Inn guests, the smiles and congratulations was the icing on top of an already-perfectly- sliced piece of wedding cake.

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This Fogo Island Elopement was featured on Wandering Weddings

PHOTOGRAPHY Joel & Justyna VENUE Fogo Island Inn MAKE UP Amy Gatschene GOWN Stephanie Davis Designs