Elopement in Copenhagen

If you’ve known the reality of having your siblings living in different countries, there’s (hopefully) an extra special elation that happens when you finally get to spend some time together. This has been our truth for quite some time, first with my sister, Sarah, living in Switzerland for several years, then with Justyna’s younger brother and only sibling, Cezary, living in Europe for the past several years with his long-time sweetheart, Sophie. While the four of us don’t always get the chance to hang out together very often, we’ve had many memorable reunions over the years, including some blurry nights in Las Vegas, some wonderful, hilarious moments in Paris, and most recently – and most excitingly – our extra-special visit across the Atlantic on the occasion of their elopement in Copenhagen.

Cezary and Sophie have lived in Berlin for the past couple of years and despite (or because of) the pandemic, they decided that this was their time to make it official, on their own terms. Naturally modest and always adventurous, Cezary & Sophie decided that they would love to call Copenhagen the city in which they wed, so they packed up a rental car and made trip…

I should probably back up a little. This was early October. We were let in on their plans back in July; the plans that simply involved the two of them and the two of us. Justyna has been secretly planning for this possibility for years; not just the idea of being invited to her brother’s wedding, or being the guest of honour at his elopement, but helping to organize all the details that would make the day extra for the two of them. When I said that Cezary & Sophie were modest, I really meant it in the best way; they’re not ones to get caught up in all the peripheries that can easily steal the focus away from a wedding day, and choose to focus on their love for each other above all. That said, the both of us know that it’s these very details that can make a great day into an unbelievable one. It’s with that that Justyna shifted into high gear (with C&S’s full carte-blanche approval, of course), helping to design a day (and weekend) that elevated the core of the celebration…

Nearly defining the concept of ‘Hygge’ themselves, C&S chose a beautiful cottage about a 45 minute drive north of the capital and decided on Copenhagen’s city hall as the place to tie the knot, followed by a lunch at a restaurant they’ve always wanted to visit. Perfect. Now it was time to fill in the spaces…

From hiring a florist to decorate the cottage, planning for friends and family to record special congratulatory videos for them, to designing and buying everything like plates and candles and cutlery, to hiring an at-home chef for the wedding night, to dress design, to suit suggestions, to hair + makeup (both styling and application)….Justyna was on fire, so if it sounds like I’m stealing a little spotlight away from C&S for a moment, I’m sorry, but she really went above and beyond to gift them an incredibly beautiful experience. I can’t not credit her for doing all these things that made the day even better than it already was.

It’s an unforgettable experience getting invited to your only sibling’s wedding, and watching him exchange vows with his love. It’s even more unforgettable when you’re the only guest(s) and get the privilege of photographing it, too.

So without further ado, here is the highlight of our year 2020. In a year of so many lows, here was high that now lives in a special penthouse suite at the top of all our weddings so far; Cezary & Sophie’s beautiful elopement in Copenhagen.

PHOTOGRAPHY, PLANNING AND DESIGN Joel & Justyna FLORALS Aeipathy Studio GOWN Valentino, Fendi & custom train by Khala Morgan HAIR AND MAKE UP Studio Luv.Her VEIL Ornaigh LINENS The Gathering Event Co SHOES Delpozo CATERING Chef Rossano Conte