Editorial Wedding Photographer

Every once in a while, we need to write our opening blog paragraphs in a way so that we’ll actually show up when and where someone might be looking. Including a term like editorial wedding photographer is one way to do this at least until the ability to find things on the web becomes a little more organic. We know that you see through this super-transparent attempt to use editorial wedding photographer as term to increase the views and reach of this post and that, in fact, few of you are reading any of this at all. We all still have a-ways to go before finding fashion brides, designer gowns, elegant weddings, and black-tie weddings is related to photos alone, irrespective of the opening statements. Hoping some of these things change for the better this year but until then, check out the photos below by us, er, editorial wedding photographer. Sigh.

If you got through that clumsy first paragraph, we applaud you. If you’re still scratching your head, wondering how much hooch we dumped into our coffees this morning well, we can’t blame you for that (answer to that: hard to tell exactly when you free-pour – hey, it’s January!)

So on to the good stuff. The editorial wedding photographer stuff (sorry). But honestly, we’re made this post to share some of our favourite weddings, moments, fashion brides, and black-tie grooms of 2019. It was hard to narrow it down (like, we could have posted a thousand photos but who’s going to look at all that, right?) but what we got was about 100 shots that show a lovely cross-section of our favourites over the past year. We’d say that most of them look a little editorial (sorry). That’s probably expected as we’re supposed to be a (shudder) editorial wedding photographer (I’m so, so, sorry).

If you read all the above, we’re sorry that we can’t give you the last 2 minutes of your life back, but we hope that the photos below can lift your spirit for a brief while and make up for the wasted words above. Enjoy. 🙂