We’ve been trying to write this blog post for a few weeks now – almost dreading the experience. It’s been a magical year, but its also difficult to ignore the personal tragedies we’ve experienced this year. With joy and love, one day comes also loss and sorrow. We have lost this year. We have lost family. We have also gained; Perspective. Gratitude. A new lens on the view of our lives and how we approach it.

      The beginning of this year started with my (Justyna’s) cousin, who I grew up with, shared so much with, always promised I’d visit in England the chance I could – it started with her final breaths. An 8 year battle was lost. I never made it to England. I didn’t get the chance to say goodbye. In the midst of reeling in that tragedy, my aunt also suddenly passed. I had just visited my family in Poland, and taken some photographs. My mother was there. We didn’t make it to my cousins funeral, so we decided to visit the first chance we could. It would also be the last time I’d take my aunt’s photograph.

      Why are we writing all this? Perspective. Tragedy changes us. It isn’t something we’d wish on anyone, but something we will all experience in times least expected. It provides a perspective. It will teach you to hug, hold, tell your loved ones just how much they mean to you. It will show you that the times you gather and celebrate big and small events actually do mean so much, even if it’s just a casual setting. Retrospective can hurt and heal. Small frustrations aren’t worth a damn. There will be hard days, but the sun finds a way to streak right through.

      2018 was indeed a beautiful year. We are grateful for the time we had with our loved ones and we’re grateful for the chance to photograph others’ loved ones, too. Small moments and those photographs that seem so inconsequential will one day hold the biggest space in our hearts.

      We leave this year grateful. May this small body of work remind you of the joy that is out there for all of us. Thank you for occupying this soft space in our hearts.

      A few favourite weddings of 2018: Micah + Joe’s 1000 Island weddingSarah + Rob in wintery QuebecCamille + JG in on a sunny day in AugustEmily and Andrew by the Atlantic Ocean in Newport, RI;



      You guys. Making MAGIC. xxo

      Amazing work! I’m really looking forward to seeing what you both create this year.

      These are all so beautiful.

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