We met Tommy and Candice just before dawn on a crisp fall morning in midtown Manhattan. Despite being recently married, they hadn’t had a chance to be photographed together. Though we just shot a wedding the night before, we still proposed a sunrise session so that we could avoid the flood of pedestrians that start to emerge around 8am on a Sunday. Sunrise sessions are quickly becoming a favourite of ours – especially in bigger cities where tourists can become an overwhelming visual distraction. When everybody is still asleep, the urban jungle becomes your own private playground.

      Tommy and Candice took us to their favourite spots in lower Manhattan – some iconic, others a little less so. There are about a million ways to photograph this behemoth of a city but on an early Sunday morning it – like most cities – looks a bit hungover, so we tried to include a little bit of that, too.

      Though we love to photograph sunrise sessions, it’s not enough to have us waking up too early on any given day, but to all the early risers – this one’s for you.