2021 – A Year in Review

We know, we know…It’s already March. This year-end review is coming a bit late, but we’ve been lazy busy! Anyhoo, we’ve finally completed our 2021 in-review! From over 100,000 frames-shot, we narrowed it down to our top 500 and then again down to the 120ish below. We thought 2020 presented a booking challenge, but 2021 was a different beast entirely: the post-vaccine floodgates opened and there was a torrent of weddings both weekend and mid-week that we couldn’t have anticipated just a year before. No complaints, obviously, and even the ones we did have were brought quickly into perspective by, well, everything else going on in the world, but there were so many months that felt like we were in a raging river, just trying to float along while it pushed and pulled us in every direction. As we now drag ourselves to solid ground, we look back with some pride with how we juggled it so well (wine). We wouldn’t have done it without the help and support of our friends, families, colleagues, and, of course, our trusting couples who invited us to be a part of their special days.

This is our 8th end-of-the-year review. It’s surreal how much time can change so many things about us but in the same breath, manages to reinforce our morals and ethics. We’ve grown as artists, but our ethos, point of view, and approach have always been the same; shoot from the heart, shoot how it feels, leave a small footprint. There’s no wrong way to photograph a wedding but it’s so easy to get caught in a trend-hole if you’re not constantly re-evaluating your vision. 10 years ago the trend was to be a “fine art” photographer, and a few years later it was “photojournalist” and then “boho-camp-vibe”. Now everyone is considered “editorial”. For better or worse, trends are easy to jump on and replicate, but honing your eye to define your own vision takes time and practice; you just can’t fast-track that. And we’re still learning this each and every year.

In a year that has gone by like a whirlwind, it has been tough to keep the blinders on, but I think we did.

To be honest, we’re out of words, and so we hope these photos will suffice. This is the calm after the wonderful storm of 2021, before the dawn of our 2022 season. We’re zen, excited, happy, feeling the love, and blown away by how mysterious, surprising, and beautiful life can be. Thank you for continuing to ride with us, and our couples, on this wonderful journey.